X-Ray and Ultrasound

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Browns Plains Veterinary Surgery
Shop 5/ 3276 Mt Lindesay Highway
Browns Plains
QLD 4118

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07 3800 0369

Park Ridge Animal Hospital
3626 Mt Lindesay Highway
Park Ridge
QLD 4125

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07 3800 1378

X-Ray and ultrasound are important diagnostic tools to determine why your pet is sick.

Both clinics have modern digital x-ray machines. Digital xray machines mean taking xrays has never been simpler or faster. This is a great benefit to your pet because it means less time is involved to get a diagnostic image. It also means the end of films and messy chemicals so it is much more environmentally friendly. 

We also have invested in a digital dental xray machine. This is fantastic for imaging the jaw and teeth and is invaluable in ensuring your pet gets the best dental care.

Ultrasound examination has become an integral part of veterinary medicine. Ultrasound examination is used in diagnosing problems in the abdomen (liver, kidney, spleen and bladder) and in evaluating heart function. Of course one of the common reason for using ultrasound is to see if an animal is pregnant. Usually animals will lie quietly for an ultrasound examination (sometimes sedation is required) and they will usually have hair clipped from the area that is examined. This is because the hair interferes with the probe contacting the skin correctly resulting in a poor image.