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The Importance of Dental Care

Just as for humans, oral health and hygiene is very important for optimum animal health. Dental problems are by far the single most common health condition we deal with in practice. It is estimated that 80% of dogs and cats have some form of dental disease by the time they are 3 years old.

You can prevent the serious effects of dental disease by taking advantage of our FREE dental checks that will not only assess your pet’s teeth but provide guidance to get your pet’s oral health back on track.

Dental X-Ray

Dental x-rays in dogs are similar to those taken in humans. A handheld x-ray machine, using small amounts of radiation, is used to see the inside of your pet’s teeth and those areas below the gum line that are hidden from view.

It is not always obvious from the outside if your pet’s tooth is diseased, so in many cases, x-rays are the only way for our vets to know that your pet has a serious dental problem. Once the level of dental disease is identified, our vets can treat the problem, relieving your pet of pain and discomfort.

Scale and Polish

Bacteria play a major role in the formation of plaque and without treatment, tartar and calculus build up on your pet’s teeth which can lead to tooth decay, tooth loss and pain.  A professional dental cleaning known as a “scale and polish” removes not only the visible plaque and tartar on the teeth surfaces but also the bacteria under the gums. This eliminates potential sources of infection to the mouth and other organs and protects your pet from pain and tooth loss.

We recommend and perform routine dental scale and polish procedures, for low grade dental disease as well as the more complex orthodontic procedures to help restore your pet’s oral hygiene at an optimal level.

Teeth Extractions

Whilst many dental problems can be solved with a proper ultrasonic clean of the mouth, unfortunately, there are certain circumstances in which it may be in your pet’s best interest to have one or more teeth removed. Teeth extractions in cats and dogs can be extremely difficult and time consuming, requiring a full general anaesthetic, followed by at home pain relief and antibiotics to relieve discomfort and prevent further infections.

We have state of the art dental equipment, similar to what you’d see at your own dentist, with ultrasonic scalers and drills equipped to tackle the most difficult of teeth extractions.

Dental Care at Home

Ultimately, our aim is to keep your pet’s teeth and mouth healthy to prevent tooth decay. There are a number of ways to keep your pet’s dental care on track at home. We stock a range of products including dental diets, chews, toothbrushes, pastes and water additives to help keep your pet’s teeth cleaner for longer. Our trained staff will advise you on which options are best for your pet’s breed and your lifestyle.

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