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Browns Plains Veterinary Surgery
Shop 5/ 3276 Mt Lindesay Highway
Browns Plains
QLD 4118

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07 3800 0369

Park Ridge Animal Hospital
3626 Mt Lindesay Highway
Park Ridge
QLD 4125

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07 3800 1378

We recommend that all pets be desexed. The procedure can be performed from 12 weeks of age, but we prefer to do it at 4 - 6 months of age when your pet is more mature. There are many unwanted puppies already and we believe that part of being a responsible pet owner is having your pet desexed.

There are many health benefits to having your pets desexed at 4-6 months of age also. For male dogs this the includes reduced incidence of prostatic disease and perianal tumours, reduced urine marking (not stopping to urinated on every tree!) and they are less likely to be involved in fights with other dogs and go wandering the neighbourhood and potentially get hit by a car or picked up by the council. Female dogs have a much lower incidence of mammary (breast) cancer when desexed as well as avoiding life threatening uterine infections. The biggest benefit of course is you don't have to deal with a dog coming into season every 6 months and spotting blood everywhere and attracting all the male dogs from the area into your backyard.

We perform desexing procedures everyday during the week but not on weekends. Your pet is admitted to the surgery between 8 - 8.30 am and goes home between 3pm and 7pm. It is important to try and keep them quiet until the sutures are removed ten days after the surgery.

The desexing fee includes the pre-operative examination, pre and post-operative pain relief injections, intra-operative intravenous fluids, pain relief tablets for 4 days, a three-day post-op check, suture removal, TLC and paw holding!

Having your pet desexed can be stressful for owners so please contact one of our clinics to discuss any concerns you may have.