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Our Health Care Plans

Save on veterinary care all year ‘round and enjoy greater convenience and peace of mind for the healthcare of your furry family member.

We have developed our Pet Wellness Plans to make it easy and more affordable for you to give your pet the care they need when they need it – it’s simple!

With our focus on preventative care, we’re helping you give your pets a healthier and happier life.

Peace of Mind

Not only do our Pet Healthcare Plans give you the reassurance of knowing you are providing the best possible care for your pet, it also helps you spread the cost of routine treatments throughout the year. Our plans cover you and your pet with a cost-effective way of paying for routine veterinary care, saving you time and money.

There is just one, simple initial payment, followed by monthly equal Direct Debit payments allowing for you to set and forget and we take care of the rest.
You will have peace of mind that all regular preventative treatments will be provided and we will remind you of when they are due.

Unlimited Standard Consultations

For complete peace of mind our Kitten and Puppy Plans, as well as our Platinum Adult Plans include unlimited standard consultations throughout the entire 12 months of the year.

Regular veterinary health checks are a good way to monitor your pets ongoing health and identify any problems as early as possible. By providing our care plan patients with unlimited consultations, you can be assured that your pet has the best chance to keep happy and healthy throughout the year.
Sore Ears? Sudden Injury? If you feel your pet is unwell or have any questions about their health, you can simply phone us to make an appointment. Our unlimited standard consultations mean that, during our normal business hours* your health plan pet can be seen by our team of veterinarians and we’ll waive the consultation fee from your visit.

*Normal Business Hours excludes weekend or public holiday surcharges and specialist consultations.

Preventative Healthcare

Each Healthcare Plan is designed to make sure that your puppy, kitten, dog or cat gets the right product at the right time. This includes vaccinations, intestinal worming, flea and tick prevention and heartworm prevention for dogs.

This is all bundled up to spread the cost over monthly Direct Debit Payments. Not only will we remind you of when they are due, we will even have them packaged and ready for collection at reception – no appointment necessary! It will be so easy to keep your pet’s preventative healthcare up to date.

Huge Discounts

We understand how quickly the needs of a puppy and kitten, in the first 12 months of their life, can really add up. Our Puppy and Kitten Healthcare Plans help you spread the cost of those all important first vaccinations as well as the full cost of their desex surgery. For added value our plans offer huge discounts through Membership Rewards such as 10% off grooming and nutrition and 30% off Puppy School for puppies.

Our adult plans are not without large discounts too. As pets get older their treatment costs can increase. To assist you with this, our Platinum Adult Plan includes 10% discounts off all professional services such as surgery, xrays and ultrasound for the whole time your pet is a member of our plan. Adults are also awarded $100 towards annual dental care procedures, as well as 10% off grooming, nutrition and over the counter merchandise and products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What pets can the plan cover?

A. Puppies, Kittens, Adult Cats and Dogs. 

Is my Healthcare Plan an Insurance Plan?

A. No. The Healthcare Plan is not an insurance policy, it is a wellness plan designed to promote the total wellbeing of your furry family member. 

Can I really have unlimited consultations with my vet at no extra charge?

A. Yes.  

What about any extra costs after consultations? 

A. You will still be liable for any costs for treatments and medications outside the healthcare plan as you would if you were visiting for a normal health check.  Your level of healthcare plan will outline the discounts you will receive off those recommended treatments.  

How do I receive my products?

A. Monthly parasite control products (flea control, intestinal wormers) will be all arranged for you. You will be contacted directly by our team when your pet’s products are ready for collection, timed before your pet is due for treatment each month. For injections (annual vaccination and heartworm prevention injection) you will need to visit the hospital with your pet. We will send you a reminder when these are due.

Can I use my Browns Plains Vet Surgery Care Plan to receive free consultations and discounts at Park Ridge Animal Hospital and vice versa?

A. Yes – But only if the location in which your healthcare plan has been initiated is closed for business.  This means that if Browns Plains Vet Surgery is closed at any such time such as Sundays, Public Holidays and after hours, our veterinary team at Park Ridge Animal Hospital with extended opening hours, will honour your current healthcare plan benefits.  

Why does the price vary for dogs of different sizes (weight)

A. Vaccinations and parasite control products used in the Healthcare Plan are tailored to suit your dog’s size.  The plan prices are a reflection of the products required by your pet.

Q.  Too good to be true? What’s the catch?

A. None! We genuinely care about the welfare of your best friend.  The healthcare plan is designed to assist you in providing optimal health benefits throughout the life of your treasured pet. 

Didn’t I used to receive my prevention products in the post?

A. Yes, this was a feature of our healthcare plans in the past, however during the 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic, sending items in the post became untrustworthy and most certainly unpredictable.  It is important to us that your pet receive their prevention products ON TIME and the post simply wasn’t able to provide us with that service with 100% certainty.  The new system allows for your pets to receive their products when they need them, without delay. 


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