Parvovirus outbreak in Park Ridge and Logan City

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The devastating Parvovirus has been seen in dogs all over Logan City and South –East Queensland this Summer. We are currently seeing an increase in cases in areas of Logan. On Wednesday April 20 2016 we had 8 puppies at Park Ridge Animal Hospital that tested positive for the virus. They all did very well which was a great outcome.

Parvovirus is a highly infectious and often fatal disease in dogs. It is often seen in young dogs especially if they haven’t been vaccinated.

Clinical signs of Parvovirus can include loss of appetite, drooling, loss of energy, vomiting and diarrhoea often containing blood. These signs can range from mild to severe and life threatening. Infection is associated with a high mortality rate without aggressive treatment. So if your dog is showing any of these clinical signs they need an examination by your veterinarian.

Diagnosis of parvovirus is usually quick and easy. A small faecal sample is examined and a result is available in 10 minutes.

Parvovirus treatment often involves many days of intensive care therapy. Treatments used include intravenous fluids to correct dehydration, antibiotics, pain relief, plasma therapy and other medications to help support the patient as it fights the infections. Treatment can be long and inexpensive.

Parvovirus is highly infectious and is mainly spread by dog faeces. The virus can survive a long time in the environment so it is easily transmitted via the hair or feet of infected dogs, contaminated shoes, clothes, and other objects. This often makes it hard to know the source of infection. The dog usually shows clinical signs 4-10 days after infection.

The good news about Parvovirus is that it is easily prevented as there is a very effective vaccine available. The first vaccine is usually given at 6 weeks of age and puppies have a series of three vaccinations. These are followed by regular vaccinations throughout your pets’ life. Vaccination protocols can vary depending on the situation so please discuss with your veterinarian the best option for you and your pet. Older pets can have their immunity levels checked with a blood test.

The vaccine is very effective and safe and the protection it gives your dog could save its life.


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