Is your dog or cat overweight?

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Is your dog or cat overweight? Do you feel good when you spoil them with treats and hate the thought of having to say no to that cute but demanding (I want food) face? If this is you, and let’s be honest it is a lot pet owners (including me), then I hope this article will give you some ideas on how and why your pet should lose weight.

The facts are the over 50% of cats and dogs are overweight or obese. Even a few extra kilos can impact your pet’s quality of life and relationship with the family because the extra weight can reduce play time and mobility as well as increase the risk of heart and lung disease, osteoarthritis and diabetes. The scary thing is that most people aren’t even aware that their pet is overweight.

So how do I tell if my pet is overweight? An animal that is a good weight will have an hourglass figure with a clear waist when viewed from above. An obese animal will have the “keg on legs” appearance. A moderately overweight animal will have a loss of the waist and you can’t feel the ribs easily when you run your hands over the chest.

The best way to determine is to visit Park Ridge Animal Hospital or Browns Plains Vet Surgery for a weight check. This means we can confirm if your pet is overweight and then work out a proper weight management plan.

How do I get my dog or cat to lose weight? We all know losing weight can be tough. Increasing exercise can help however the critical part is to feed your pet correctly. If they are eating too many calories it doesn’t matter how much exercise they do.

Over the last year we have been using a special prescription diet food that naturally changes the animals’ metabolism to help it lose weight and then maintain the weight loss. We have seen some amazing results. When using this food owners don’t have to precisely measure the food which makes it very user friendly.

The best thing about your dog or cat losing weight is that it has been proven that animals that are an ideal weight live longer. The old adage about feeding them so much you are “killing them with kindness” is very true.

If you would like to know more about how your animal can lose weight or even to have your pet checked to see if they are overweight then contact Browns Plains Vet Surgery or Park Ridge Animal Hospital to organise a weight check.


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